We are developing and distributing some Free Software .

GNU Global source code tag system

GNU Global is a source code tagging system which make hacking and review of a complicated and huge system easy by making indexes on its source code. You can also generate hypertext of the whole source tree. GNU Global is part of GNU operating system and adopted as a standard tagging system of FreeBSD .

It is available in the following environment:

  • Shell command line
  • Bash
  • various vi clones (nvi,elvis,vim)
  • Emacs editor (emacs, mule, xemacs)
  • Glimmer editor
  • Less viewer
  • various web browsers
  • Doxygen documentation system

License: GNU GPLv3+

File path name conversion tool

PathConvert is a set of utilities which make conversion between an absolute path name and a relative path name. At present, it is a part of File:Spec library of perl and libpathconv library of FreeBSD.
  • C
  • Perl

Perl license, FreeBSD license ...

Rireki-sho style file for LaTeX

Rireki-sho style file is a style file for LaTeX to generate personal history. Putting necessary items once, re-generation of your personal history is possible.

FreeBSD license

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