This is a style file for LaTeX (pLaTeX2e) to generate Japanese style personal history. If you fill required items in once, your personal history is very generable now. This style file is Free Software .




Skeleton file
Source code of the personal history of Ichiro Rireki (Japanese only)
The personal history of Ichiro Rireki (PDF format)


Supported TeX
Supported paper
A4 with tom-bow B5 (direct print)
Supported Japanese code
(If your TeX system doesn't support UTF-8 then please convert code into the code used in your system.)


Distribution condition
FreeBSD license


(for UNIX)

% cp rireki.tex my.tex		# copy skeleton file into your own file
% vi my.tex			# rewrite it for yourself
% platex my.tex			# compile it
% lpr -d my.dvi			# print dvi file
First of all, you had better compile the skeleton file and print it. The printing method depends on your computer environment.

Notes on use

There was a person who submitted a personal history using this style file and was sent back with a message "Rewrite it by hand!". Please examine whether or not the target is such company.


In Japan, writing personal history is hard work because

  • You must write politely by hand.
  • You must do over again from the beginning when making a mistake.
  • It is tired to write same contents many times...

Additionally, a submitted personal history is hardly returned. Recently, it seems usual to write ten personal histories per person.

We worked on the rationalization of making personal history to improve such situation of job seekers.

Derivative version

It is used in the "【アカリク様式】履歴書テンプレート(B5)" of the Cloud LaTeX. In this style file, the self-promotion field has been expanded.

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